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Water Treatment Plants

  We are a reliable firm, engaged in providing fabrication service for Water Treatment Plant. These are on advance technology; the water treatment plant is widely used for iron removal, establishment of mineral water plant. Water Treatment Plant is the qualified applied scientist is devoted to serve you and figure out your problems associated to waste material and water treatment. Water Treatment Plants is common treatment processes used in the past include Plain sedimentation, Slow Sand filtration, Rapid Sand filtration with Coagulation-flocculation units as essential pre-treatment units. Pressure filters and diatomaceous filters have been used though very rarely. Roughing filters are used, under certain circumstances, as pre-treatment units for the conventional filter of water treatment plants. Water Treatment Plants are processes may need pre-treatment like pre- chlorination and aeration prior to conventional treatment. Water Treatment Plant way we can focus on making sure you get the treatment results required, and we can take joint responsibility for the overall performance. This property of carbon allows it to adsorb the free chlorine in raw water. Water Treatment Plants is the Due to this, it is acknowledged internationally for high performance and reliability.

Application of Water Treatment Plans :-
  • Clean water for reuse or recycle.
  • Process water treatment for various industries.
  • High-purity water.
  • Medical or scientific usages.
  • Safe drinking water.

Simple features of Water Treatment Plants :-
  • Produces water of high purity.
  • Available in standard as well as custom built versions.
  • Superior Outlook.
  • High Impact Strength.
  • Extended aeration.
  • Handles multiple-sized bottles simultaneously with no manual adjustments.
  • Easy to hook up: just two supply water connections and two drains.
  • Stainless steel piping used throughout, helps provide longevity.
  • Pre-stretched stainless steel drive chains ride on self-lubricating UHWM support guides to eliminate risk of grease contamination.
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